Gas Hot Water Heaters

Added Comforts for your Home

At significantly less operating cost than electric units, propane hot water heaters deliver more hot water per hour and recover twice as fast after heavy use. You’ll never run out. Since they do not require a chimney, they can be vented directly through an exterior wall.

With the advanced technology of the Rinnai® or Navien® Hot Water System you can lower your utility bills because it only heats water when you use it, to a temperature you select. And as for the conventional water heaters, we sell top brand Bradford White®.

Propane is an excellent fuel for gas cooking ranges and dryers as well. Gas is a preferred cooking method by professional chefs and also provides a more even heat for drying your clothing. Because propane is extremely efficient and reasonably prices, these products pay for themselves, with fuel savings, very quickly.

Rinnai tankless video
Navien Tankles video

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