Pool Heaters

Make a Splash in Any Season: Our Pool Heaters Keep the Water Just Right!

Experience unparalleled comfort and luxury year-round with Schagrin Home Comfort Products’ extensive range of Jandy® pool heaters. Designed to maintain your pool at a delightful 85 degrees regardless of the season, our gas heaters not only prolong your pool season but also significantly enhance the value of your home. Benefit from rapid heating and consistent temperatures, all at half the cost of electric units.

In recent years, Schagrin Home Comfort Products has witnessed remarkable advancements in gas appliance efficiency. With innovations in hydraulics, heat exchanger technology, forced draft combustion systems, and pilot-less ignitions, efficiency rates have nearly doubled. Today, our high-efficiency heaters boast an impressive 89-95% efficiency, extracting maximum energy from fuel consumption. This not only conserves non-renewable resources and minimizes environmental impact but also represents a wise economic investment, offering substantial long-term savings.

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