Create a More Comfortable Home With Propane

From the furnace to the dryer, in the kitchen or the pool, everything must be reliable, safe, environment-friendly, energy efficient and versatile. Since you’re probably looking for ways to save money and improve your home, we believe you’ll find that propane is an ideal energy source. Propane home systems and appliances will meet all your needs and go far beyond your expectations.

The Benefits of Propane

  • Safe – Non-toxic, uses a sealed,leak-free connection system
  • Versatile – Installs almost anywhere; Energy to provide heat, hot water, cooking, clothes drying and many other functions
  • Comfortable – Warm consistent heat throughout your home
  • Economical – High efficiency systems deliver unparalleled economy
  • Clean and Non-Polluting – No air pollution, odor or ground contamination

SchagrinGAS Company is the area leader in propane gas technology. Providing top quality service and installation of propane gas systems in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

SchagrinGAS has combined storage of over 600,000 gallons of propane at their locations. SchagrinGAS also has additional capacity of 240,000 gallons storage at our West Grove and Georgetown Rail Car Facilities.

SchagrinGAS Provides Level Payment Program

The SchagrinGAS Level Payment Program, LLP, is a 12-month payment plan of a fixed amount that is calculated by your past usage or estimated usage.

Take advantage of the SchagrinGAS Level Payment Program and you will know ahead of time what your payment will be. Payments are automatically debited from your checking or savings account on the 5th or the 15th of each month. You can also arrange to pay on-line and charge it to your credit card. You will automatically receive the discounted rate and you are not charged finance charges.

Periodic reviews are made to determine whether the LLP amount needs to be increased or decreased based on weather conditions, change in usage and/or balances on your account. You will be notified by statement of any changes made.

Don’t write a single check! Let us do the work for you! For more information, contact our credit department, toll free, at (800)341-4022



Every new SchagrinGAS customer will have a GasCheck performed when a new propane system is installed.

GasCheck consists of a thorough pressure and leak test of the entire propane system starting at the tank and going to each individual appliance. We’ll examine gas storage, appliance performance, connections, gas lines and pipes, venting, and conduct leak and operational checks. SchagrinGAS GasCheck gives you peace of mind as we not only check our work but also re-check any previous vendors work.

The system will be documented as to serial and model numbers, pressure results and configuration. A copy of all information will be kept in our computers for easy access and a copy will be given to you for your records.

Remote Monitoring

For businesses or homes that desire remote monitoring of their propane storage, SchagrinGAS Co. provides options utilizing state-of-the-art cellular and WiFi monitors. The monitors connect directly to the gauge on the tank to provide our dispatchers with real-time data to prevent run-outs and only make deliveries when needed.

Customers have the option of utilizing a mobile app to keep tabs on the amount in the tank, as well as receiving alerts when it’s getting low or when a delivery has been made – great for second homes or rental properties! Monitors are also a great solution for applications like pool heaters, gas fireplaces, and space heaters where your propane company can’t predict how often or for how long you will use those appliances. Contact us for more information!