Water Conditioning Systems

Why might you need water treatment and conditioning? When  your water has an imbalanced mineral content it may damage delicate elements of your water reliant appliances and and potentially harmful to drink. If your home suffers from hard water or water that is otherwise in need of treatment, you should contact your local professional water treatment and conditioning  professionals today . Schagrin Water Systems is here to address all of you needs when it comes to water purification in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Since 1963 we have been providing our community with dependable and high-quality water treatment product sales and services, we are the most established provider of water conditioning products and services in the area.

As an industry leader of  water filtration, purification and conditioning services and products in our region, Schagrin Water Systems is known for offering a full-range of services. We also offer water softener sales and installations, reverse osmosis services and water purification options for both residential and light commercial customers.

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Hague Water Max Refiner

Since 1963 Schagrin Water Systems. has been installing top quality Water Refining Equipment. This is not just a luxury item, a Hague Water Max Refiner can remove chlorine, tastes, odors, iron, hardness, nitrates and many more organics and minerals from the water.

A Hague Water Max Refiner will remove calcium and magnesium from the water. This will allow you to cut the amount of detergents, and shampoo’s that you currently use in half. Not only will it make your skin, hair and clothing fabrics softer, it will allow your fabrics last up to 40% longer. Just think of how soft your towels will feel and the money you will save on replacements.

The Hague Water Max Refiner saves your your plumbing and plumbing fixtures from corrosion and clogging.

These systems are completely automatic and are environmentally friendly.


Hague Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Schagrin Water Systems is one of the oldest water treatment firms in the area. Since 1963, our trained and certified specialists have installed and serviced more than 7,500 units. With our residential and business experience, we can handle any water problem.

The Hague reverse osmosis and filtration systems provide excellent water with municipal or well sources. By removing minerals, acid and other contaminants, they eliminate hardness, iron stains and odors. They deliver water that is far better for cooking, drinking bathing and cleaning clothes. Hague brings you better health and helps you reduce your detergent and soap use as well.

At a mere 10 cents per gallon, an energy-efficient Hague reverse osmosis unit provides water far purer and less expensively than bottled supplies.

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