With the recent voluntary recall of bottled water from popular grocery and big box stores including Whole Foods, Walmart and Target, we wanted to remind you that there are other, more confident and less expensive choices than bottled water when choosing quality water for yourself and your family.

If you haven’t heard the news, levels of the toxic metal Arsenic were found in two brands of bottled water – Starkey and Peñafiel (Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc.) unflavored mineral spring water. Very high levels of Arsenic have been known to be associated with numerous chronic diseases*. The levels of Arsenic found in recent samples of Peñafiel and Starkey brands were well below those dangerous health levels, however, they exceeded the federal standards. The companies announced a voluntary recall, even though the Center for Environmental Health had not mandated it.

Control What You Are Drinking

DID YOU KNOW about one-quarter of bottled water is TAP WATER that has been processed and repackaged. Also, once it is bottled water, it is the FDA – not the EPA – who regulate it.

The only way to give you the peace of mind of what is in the water you are using for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning is by filtering your tap water. Whether you have municipal or well water, your tap water is still exposed to many elements that are not filtered before coming out of your faucet.

QUESTION: If someone put a noodle in the water at the municipal plant and it flowed with the water through the pipes and out of your faucet, would you eat the noodle?

PLUS, a water treatment system is ultimately less expensive than purchasing bottled water as individual bottles from the convenient store, gallons from the grocery store, or jugs delivered to your home or business. American consumers spent $1 billion on all manner of home water-filtering gear last year – 1/3 of that was bottled!

Quality Water Alternatives

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water System is cheaper than bottled water delivered to your home. Let’s do the math…

RO Water System = $0.30-$0.50 per gallon


Bottled Water = $0.89-$2.00 per gallon

If the average price for a 1-gallon jug of water is $0.89, in one year, you will spend $214 for drinking water. Add $325 MORE per year if you want it delivered to your home.

Not to mention, you will save money on the following other water usage that is not bottled with a water treatment system in your home:

  • energy bills from water heater
  • detergents, household cleaners, soaps and shampoos
  • hair coloring treatments
  • contact lenses (wear and tear)
  • conditioners and lotions
  • replacement of clothes (colors fade and stiffen faster with hard water)

Why? Because hardness in water counteracts the alkalinity of a cleaner. Also, the hardness build-up requires more cleaning so even more cleaning agents are required.

Consequences Of Putting Water In Plastic:

We all know the environmental effects of bottled water. In addition, depending on the type of plastic used, putting the water in a plastic bottle can affect taste. This is usually caused when a bottled water company uses polycarbonate jugs which can leave residues of the endocrine disrupter, bisphenol A (BPA).

Break your bottled water habit and be confident that you’re drinking and using quality water with a water treatment system from SchagrinGAS. For more information or to consult with a water treatment specialist, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

*SOURCE: Center for Environmental Health.